Clash of Clans Currencies And Resources

Premium currency in Clash of Clans!

The freemium model under which most games are developed in recent years can be seen on our respected app store on a daily basis, but unlike what most people thing, making a good freemium game can be tricky business due to the fact that making a good freemium game which is not something that is referred to as pay to win is quite hard. Clash of Clans managed to do just that, the designing and programing teams in the company supercell managed to make a compelling gameplay experience for anybody that gets their hand on this awesome game which is needless to say free to download and try out. So what is the trick behind Clash of Clans? Like many other freemium games clash of clans allows players to purchase a premium currency which is available for real money. The trick however is that this premium currency which is called “elixirs” isn’t game changing. What this premium currency in Clash of Clans offers a player is only faster advancements through the tiers of building and soldiers which you can recruit.

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Needless to say that Clash of Clans hit the nail on the head with the fine tuning and balancing they did with this awesome game.
Another interesting fact about is the fact that the so called elixirs can also be obtained through normal gameplay by completing various achievements and leveling up their outposts. These are only a couple of gameplay mechanics which Clash of Clans offers, while there are a lot of player versus player elements, there are also a lot of player versus environment elements which have been integrated in the game as well, making players choose their own path and style of gameplay, and not making them follow a specific gameplay line which will eventually bore them and make them delete the game itself.
Clash of Clans is a prime example of how a free to play game should be made, and the idea that the premium currency should be available in game for all players to collect makes all the difference.

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Mobile Facebook Application For iOS And Android

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Full Clash of Clans Review – Is It Really That Good?

Supercell has done a really great job with Clash of Clans!

Because of fast and great development of mobile devices, people started using them much more than before. That is mostly because of things people can do on new mobile devices which they couldn’t done before. For example new smart phones can be connected on internet and people can visit various websites and social networks, also new mobile devices allows people to play various mobile games. In today’s short guide we will talk about most played mobile game ever made. This game is called Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans or shorter COC is free to play strategy multiplayer game made by successful company named SuperCell. This game was made in early 2012 year for IOS devices, and year later for Android devices. This incredible mobile game gained big amounts of active players in just a few months. That is mostly because Clash of Clans is free to play game and everyone can try it out without having to invest any money.


Goal of this interesting game is to make your own village and develop it to the maximum which will allow you to make strong army which will help you to survive attacks from enemy villages. Also there is possibility to join a clan and fight in clan wars which is most impressive part of this mobile game. Like every strategy game, Clash of Clans has numerous resources which have to be collected in order to develop village. In COC there are three main types of resources. First is gold, second elixirs, and the third one and most important is Gems. Gems can be gained by reaching various milestones and doing various objectives. Gems are used to speed up every aspect of Clash of Clans, for example you can speed up process of upgrading buildings or making army.

Grab Clash of Clans on App Store or Google Play!

Gems also can be bought via Google play store or App store for real money which allows players to develop their village in just a few days. That’s why it is recommended to buy some amounts of Gems for real money in order to make strong village and army which is crucial for every player in this incredible strategy game. Best tip that you can get from every Clash of Clans player is to join in some clan as soon as possible since they will protect you and help you with resources. That’s why first thing every player should make is to join in clan!